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Girls Lacing Up Their Ballet Shoes

About Dance 10

Dance 10 was founded in 1986 with the hopes and dreams of creating a studio that not only taught proper dance training and technique but helped to create strong, confident young people. The studio started in the American Legion in September of 1986 with a grand total of 35 students our first year. Over the years, the studio has grown and continues to grow at our home on 5 Hillcrest Avenue

I believe we have set a high standard with our professional staff of teachers who continue to study and perform professionally. Over the years, we have seen many Master Classes with well known artists, traveled to Mexico, Florida and to the Bahamas to mention a few. We have had many parties, birthdays, and holidays, and many hours of dance, dance, dance. I have seen our students grow from toddlers to talented, intelligent young adults. Dance 10 has become a home for many an aspiring young dancer. It gives me great joy to celebrate our many years and I look forward to many more.

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