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With a father who attended the Juilliard School and a mother who toured with several ballet companies, Olivia knew she would someday find herself in the performing arts. Growing up just forty-five minutes outside of New York City, she trained in all dance styles at both local studios as well as studios in Manhattan, such as Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, and Peridance Capezio Center.

In late high school, Olivia was accepted into the Junior Training Program at Broadway Dance Center where she had the privilege of being mentored by some of the top people in the industry. During that same time, she began her journey assisting Caitlin Gray at Steps on Broadway and Hannah Frederick, who is currently on faculty at Broadway Dance Center.

Some of Olivia’s most recent dance opportunities include the privilege of performing at Mohegan Sun and dancing onset of the commercial for General Electric. Additionally, spending a short time in LA, she studied under Cat Cogliandro and her company, CATASTROPHE! Dance Company. Olivia is currently a member of Unique Soulz the Company under direction of Megz Alfonso from So You Think You Can Dance.

As a dance educator, Olivia teaches a wide range of styles but gravitates towards contemporary dance. She believes contemporary presents a platform for students to uncover all they offer both as dancers and as people. Not only does Olivia push her students to be at the peak of their technical performance, but she also helps them to develop and hone in on their individual style. Whether her students choose dance as a  profession or not, her goal is to mold “hirable” and “successful” dancers through self-esteem exercises, tools to exceed one’s physical/mental potential, and education on the ins and outs of the dance industry. Olivia knows the impact a dance teacher has and carries the weight of this role with her whole heart. 

Currently, Olivia is on faculty at several New England dance studios, all while traveling the globe teaching master classes and setting choreography. 

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Dance 10 has truly become a home. It's more than just dance classes; they take individual attention in each and every student and go above and beyond to teach valuable life lessons to all the kids.

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