Each session will start with dynamic warm ups, to get our body and muscles ready, heart rate up, and decrease any chance of injuries as the session goes along. The goal for this class to improve participants body composition by decreasing body fat and increasing lean body tissue. The class will be tailored to each student individually to ensure everyone experiences constant improvement as he/she continues to develop.


Cardiovascular exercise is achieved through high intensity interval cardio exercises. The main focus of training here will be a full body workout that challenges each individual,regardless of fitness level.

Muscle Development:

Every major muscle group will be targeted. To do this, we will be manipulating a variety of resistance-training modalities such as free weights, body weight, medicine balls, and tubes. Within the hour session, students will have 5-6 circuits that will be repeated.


Each session will end with a full body stretch routine, holding each stretch to alleviate muscle fatigue. It’s a great way to cool down at the end of the class and enjoy loosing your muscles after a workout.


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